Pro Staff

Wes Murphey


Avid hunter and family man. Wes has been bow hunting 20+ years and has a number of trophy kills under his belt.

Lloyd McCoy


At the age of eight, my dad bought me my first shot gun, a single shot 410, and soon after was the first time I ever went Dove hunting. That first weekend I knew that I was hooked. Many, many times we would get up early just to hurry to the dove field, such wonderful memories with friends and family. Growing up in a family of fisherman and bird hunters, there really wasn’t anyone who hunted whitetail. When I was 14 years old, my uncle Steve got on a deer lease. It was his lease that allowed me to harvest my first whitetail. After that day, my obsession had been formed, a passion for hunting whitetail. I remember going and renting video cassettes at Blockbuster and Williams Bait Shop, just to learn about how to hunt Whitetail. Many years have passed, many memories have been made. I’m thankful that I get to make more of these memories with my family, there’s nothing like it, and nothing can replace it. I’m blessed with a wonderful wife and son, a steady career, and some amazing friends. Without them, memories would fade away. Ours will live forever in each other’s hearts and campfire stories.

Chad Quinlan


At a very young age, I knew I had a passion for the outdoors, but even a bigger passion for bow hunting big mature whitetail in my home state of Wisconsin.  I remember at the age of 12 bow hunting out of a homemade ground blind and having one of the biggest bucks I have see to date at 15 yards.  Buck Fever came over me and I was never able to harvest that buck, but the adrenaline ran through my veins from that point on. After getting out of the United States Army in 2003 the passion never left. If I wasn’t spring turkey hunting, I was getting food plots, tree-stands and cameras ready for the upcoming fall. In 2015 I joined the Final Pursuit TV Team and has been a blast ever since.


Field Staff


Matt Perry

My love for the outdoors goes beyond just hunting. I believe wildlife conservation is key when out enjoying Gods creation. A husband to a loving wife, as well as a father to 3 boys who live for the outdoors!